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At the hair cutting, you can ‘cut’ the ear

At Christmas, there was a barber water on the hopes of a young man who had come to celebrate. A man named 46-year-old Shabana Khalid is a murderer in the city of Misconson, USA. A 22-year-old boy who told him to go to his shop and cut hair was advised to cut hair in a ‘2’ shape as the latest trend. When it was cutting the barber, the ear studs the ear studs and the eyes closed and the eyes closed. But the barber cutting hair in the shape of ‘0’.

When the cutting was done, the young man looked in the mirror and waved her head with her hair. Barber said that he did not listen to that young man. He asked, what can he do now? When the young man was angry with father, the barber took a knife and attacked the young man. The young man’s ear pierced. The young man complained to the police about Barber.

Updated: December 29, 2017 — 5:24 pm

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