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Is it 2017 6 best smartphone?

Many new smartphones come every month, after which they are very difficult to choose.

But who are the best 2017 smartphones?

The leading technology website, C Net, has chosen 6 best smartphones this year’s year that you might like.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the last year’s Galaxy Note Sone’s blow, Samsung’s new phone Galaxy Notat was once again facing the challenge of making people feel comfortable, and the company showed it. The extremely low bazel or full front display like the Galaxy SIT, which did not have the Home button, was the first Android phone with the S-Panello Waterproof and Wireless Charging, which was given the Kochromo Snap Dragone 835 processor, while it was Samuel’s The first phone in which Dual Camera was set up and it proved to be the most expensive phone number of the company’s history.

IPhone X (10) Photo courtesy of Apple

Apple introduced three phones this year for the first time and was the best iPhone X, designed for this device’s 10th birthday. The first time the company gave an LED display, the home button was missing. Similarly, the IDF technology to identify the face was also part of the IPI, wireless charging was also part of it and this phone is also the most expensive phone company’s company’s history.

Features here: Apple’s ‘Best’ iPhone X

LGV 30

LG always has to be behind Samsung, but this year’s flagship phone was better than expectations. Its camera and video software is really amazing and it is also cheaper compared to Samsung or Apple, with a wireless display display. The remaining dual cam sets, wireless charging, waterproofing and other features are being given in this series for a long time.


Google pixel 2

If Android wants the best camera phone, Google Pixel 2 can be your best choice, which does not set dual camera on back, but single camera does not work less than two cameras, especially Its extremely rare light is much better than iPhone or any other phone. Portrait mode is also no less than two cameras phones, there is also a feature of water resort, but wireless charging is not provided.


One Plus FT

Even in this Chinese company, the Basel Lace Display made part of this phone, while dual camera setup was also improved for Samsung and LG competition. Calcium Sniper Dragons 835 processor, dash charging technology (technology which helps to charge the phone from zero to six percent in half an hour), the option to lock the face off and the dual camera set-up phone with Samsung or Apple comparison I have 50% cheaper.

Motto 5 Plus

This mobile phone phone is cheaper than features as well. With lower body, good camera and other features, its low price made it favorable to people, it has won the most popular budget phone phone in most of the world’s countries.

Updated: December 29, 2017 — 7:18 pm

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