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Blue Brain – a brain behind brain


Brain is the creation of God but Blue brain is the creation of  man a virtual named as “Blue brain” it means machine can work like a human brain it is a cellular level inside a computer  simulation. The blue brain is the artificial brain which can work as natural brain and  respond as a natural brain.

Technology behind this virtual brain is invasive and non-invasive techniques as of now we are using the same for tiny robots or nanobots as they are small enough to travel .

The nervous system is one of the most complicatedly organized electron mechanisms and it is like a miracle because we can’t see it but it  is working via eclectic pulses in our body.

Major functions of brain

Sensory input: when  you keep the things into your brain through senses or from your surrounding environment called as sensory input ie., see anything , touch or a worm surface or cold surface then the information or data or message is passed to your brain through your sensory cells also called as neurons.

Integration: is nothing but the interpretation or explanation of all the things that we feel, taste with our sensory cells the so-called neurons into the output that the body recognizes , this process is carried out in the brain where many neurons take a part  for understanding the current situation or environment.

Motor output: if once our brain has the explanation of all the things that we learned through our sense then it sends a direct message through the neurons to the effectors cells, muscle cells or gland cells which work to respond to a request and act upon the environment ie., hearing, smelling, tearing, feeling etc.

Benefits :

  • It acts as a supercomputer and processing so speed and   memory could simulate the human brain.
  • It remember the things with less effort
  • The intelligence of the person can be used even after   the death of a body
  • With blue brain in human body there is no deaf or hear problems in human body


  • The blue brain is an easy way to store and use human intelligence and data or information present in the mind even after the death of the body.
  • It will be a vital step towards self-decision making of a device containing the blue brain.
  • It can do all important functions like an intelligent machine.
  • It can avail as interference between human beings and animals. The blue brain program was implemented on rat and it was a success, provides a sign of success in future too.


  • The human kind becomes dependent on machines.
  • Another fear is about human clothing and regaining the memory back is an expensive procedure.
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