• Habit :  We first make our habits , and then our habits make us.....

    Habit is a mental , emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, and professional success of repetition of action by self motivation. “Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters”—Emmons Consistency ….. this is what we are all after ? we don’t want to create results once in a while, we don’t want to feel joyous just for the moment, we don’t want to be at our best sporadically.

  • .......Like attracts Like.......

    The law of attraction is a universal law that is present  at all times……simply it means Like attracts Like, the law of attraction states that thought energy and projected energy attracts similar energy, as a result, we attract tings into our lives according to our thoughts and projected energy  it’s nothing but we attract into our lives whatever we direct our conscious attention to it.  As a consequence  and natures

  • What makes good relationship?

    Good relationship is always gives your mileage to your life, do you know what makes a good relationship?, the Most good relationships always depend on Love. Love is the ultimate sign of a good relationship, here I am not talking about romantic relations the pure understanding and communications is always lie on love. Respect respect means willing to listen form other respect is a emotional display to the other with