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What makes good relationship?

Good relationship is always gives your mileage to your life, do you know what makes a good relationship?, the Most good relationships always depend on Love.
Love is the ultimate sign of a good relationship, here I am not talking about romantic relations the pure understanding and communications is always lie on love.

Respect respect means willing to listen form other respect is a emotional display to the other with mix of softness and loyalty respect may vary depends up on the relationship in between people irrespective of gender and age, respect this emotional response generally every creature expects in the earth.
Trust trust means there is no difference between you and other person, trust is a confidence on once it is a deep understanding between two people which gives a strong relations.
Hard work hard work is a willingness to accept the task and performing it before the work of deadline it is a mental activity , hard work is a work how you enjoy work on its commitment or willingness to complete
Co-operation co-operation is a good understanding between people who have trust and friendship or accepting one as his or her soul mate
Care & share care and share is a tolerance of others by accepting others weakness and strengths care & share generally starts form ones acceptances of other, care and share are deems to be two different but its only one for a good relationship maintenance.

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