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Yoga….. The blend of Life at its Fullest

Yoga  the word is known from generations together, many of us think yoga is a physical exercise, have many uses in life, used as health and obesity …yoga is not only  for these.

Yoga means union , union of mind, body ,soul , energy and emotions, it is a process…. It’s  process of  owning  a natures  system of health and well-being, yoga is not a postures , they are  angels  sinking with breath patrons, in this process your mind , body , energies and emotions  all  align with nature ……then nature start working within us, yoga  is  a procedure to allowing nature to administrate our  resources of body in this  world ……… it means  you are weaned with natures high  energies.

It is a  group of physical ,mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines  which are  discovered  in ancient India.

Sri Sri Ravishanker says that Yoga is not just exercise and asana, It is the emotional integration  and spiritual elevation with a touch of mystic element which  gives  you a glimpse of something beyond all imagination

Pranayama is the major in all yoga practices  it is the extension  and control of one’s breath. Practicing proper techniques of berating can help bring more oxygen to the blood and brain, eventually helping control prana or the vital life energy , pranayama also goes hand in hand with various yoga poses .

Finally yoga is a system of health and well-being which include  all  energies of nature  for  human ……if he pay attention to it.

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